Top Tips to Pack Smart

Top Tips to Pack Smart

12 Top Tips to Pack Smart

  1. Pack Light – If you can manage it, travel only with a carry-on. Travelling with only a carry-on makes travel so much simpler. If you need to transfer flights checked bags can be a hindrance.
  2. Wear heavier and bulkier items to avoid carrying them in your bag.
  3. If required buy what you need at your destination. Buy heavy liquid toiletries at your destination to save carrying them!
  4. Learn how to pack well. Leave no space unused. Save space in your bag by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Stuff smaller items like socks and underwear in your shoes.
  5. Use plastic bags to compartmentalize. This makes it easier to find things quickly. Use a plastic bag for dirty laundry. Use Ziplok type bags for accessories. Old newspaper bags can be used for shoes.
  6. Pack earplugs, inflatable cushion and/or eye mask. If you can manage the cost and room in your bag, take noise cancelling earphones or earbuds. It’s important to get rest where possible.
  7. Keep a sarong or scarf in your bag. It can double as a blanket or pillow on the plane, a shawl on a cold evening, beach cover-up, picnic blanket, change room screen, etc.
  8. Take your own snacks for the plane. You’ll save money and keep hunger under control. Your food will probably be healthier too.
  9. Make photocopies of your passports. Take pictures of your passport to have a copy on your phone. Use your phone to take pictures of a rental car.
  10. Use a security wallet. Take some cash, one bank card and one credit card in your wallet. Put the remaining cash and 2nd credit card, driver’s licence, travel insurance info in a money belt under your clothes.
  11. Avoid roaming charges or only use WIFI at hotels, etc. Keep maps and travel guides on your iPhone instead of carrying maps and travel books. Keep books on your iPhone or iPad.
  12. Wear travel pants with pockets where you can store your travel documents for quick easy access. Wear (and pack) versatile, comfortable, low-maintenance clothing that is designed for travel. It is usually wrinkle-free and can be quickly washed in a hotel sink.


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