Lifestyle Choices

Every day we make decisions that affect our lifestyle. By making good choices, we can increase our life expectancy and quality of life. It can make the difference between being overweight, out of breath and immobile to thinner, vibrant and active. The first possibility may mean we can’t do much but stay home. The second may mean we can see the world and do things we love with the people we love. Either way, it is determined, not only by our genes, but also by all the little choices we make every single day. One bad choice may not make a big difference in the big scheme of things, but many small bad choices could. It’s worth it to all of us to make good choices. If we keep this mindset then we will automatically make better choices. Which would you choose?

Healthy responsible lifestyle choices include:

  • Eating healthy nutritious food
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Getting regular physical activity
  • Limiting alcohol & drugs
  • Not smoking
  • Getting immunized
  • Limiting UV exposure
  • Being safe, visible and aware
  • Challenging the mind & being creative
  • Monitoring stress
  • Living within your budget
  • Being involved in the community
  • Maintaining important relationships
  • Being mindful
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Being forgiving
  • Keeping a positive mindset

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